12L/Per Hour Commercial & Industrial Humidifier for Greenhouse, Lab, Printshop, Factory


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12L/Per Hour Commercial & Industrial Humidifier for Greenhouse, Lab, Printshop, Factory

  • Ultrasonic Powerhouse: 12Litres/hour humidification capacity for large commercial & industrial spaces
  • Fast & Efficient: Ultrasonic technology rapidly disperses micro-fine mist for even moisture distribution
  • Precise Control: Works with a hygrostat for automatic humidity control
  • Built to Last: Industrial-grade construction ensures durability in harsh environments
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple design facilitates effortless cleaning and minimal downtime
  • Ideal for: Greenhouses, Labs, Printshops, Mushroom Cultivation, Factories & More
  • Additional Features: Auto shut-off, Adjustable mist direction, noise reduction.

This industrial-grade ultrasonic humidifier is designed to deliver exceptional humidification performance in large commercial and industrial spaces. Ideal for greenhouses, laboratories, printshops, mushroom grow houses, and factories, this humidifier effectively combats dry air, creating a controlled and optimized environment for various applications.

Unmatched Humidification Capacity:

  • Massive 12L/Hour Output: This humidifier boasts a staggering 12kg per hour humidification capacity, effortlessly adding significant moisture to vast areas.
  • Fast and Efficient Moisture Dispersal: Ultrasonic technology breaks down water into micro-fine mist particles, ensuring rapid and even distribution of moisture throughout your space.

Precise Humidity Control:

  • Hygrostat Compatibility: For ultimate control over humidity levels, this humidifier can be paired with a hygrostat (humidistat). This allows for automatic operation, maintaining your desired humidity range for a truly hands-off experience.

Built for Durability and Performance:

  • Industrial-Grade Construction: This humidifier is built tough to withstand the demands of continuous operation in harsh environments.
  • Easy Maintenance: A simple design facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


  • Greenhouses: Maintain ideal humidity levels for optimal plant growth and health.
  • Laboratories: Ensure consistent humidity for sensitive experiments and research.
  • Printshops: Prevent paper curling and static build-up for a smooth and efficient printing process.
  • Mushroom Grow Houses: Create the perfect environment for optimal mushroom cultivation.
  • Factories: Control humidity for various industrial processes and improve air quality for workers.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic Shut-Off: Protects the unit from overheating in case of low water levels.
  • Adjustable Mist Direction: Direct the cool mist precisely where it’s needed.
  • Noise Reduction Technology: Operates quietly to minimize disruption in your environment.