6Litres/Per Hour Commercial & Industrial Humidifier for Greenhouse, Lab, Printshop, Factory


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6Litres/Per Hour Commercial & Industrial Humidifier for Greenhouse, Lab, Printshop, Factory

  • Ultrasonic Powerhouse: 6Litres/hour humidification capacity for large commercial & industrial spaces
  • Fast & Efficient: Ultrasonic technology rapidly disperses micro-fine mist for even moisture distribution
  • Precise Control: Works with a hygrostat for automatic humidity control
  • Built to Last: Industrial-grade construction ensures durability in harsh environments
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple design facilitates effortless cleaning and minimal downtime
  • Ideal for: Greenhouses, Labs, Printshops, Mushroom Cultivation and Factories.
  • Additional Features: Auto shut-off, Adjustable mist direction, noise reduction.

Create a balanced environment in your commercial or industrial space with this powerful 6KG/per hour humidifier. This industrial-grade appliance effectively adds moisture to medium-sized areas, making it ideal for greenhouses, workshops, storage facilities, and more.

Here’s a closer look at the features and benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Powerful Humidification: With a humidification rate of 6KG per hour, this unit effectively adds moisture to combat dryness in spaces like workshops, storage areas, and mid-sized greenhouses.

  • Adjustable Mist Control: Fine-tune the humidifier’s output with the easy-to-use mist control knob. This allows you to maintain your desired humidity level, preventing over-humidification and ensuring a comfortable environment.

  • Automatic Operation: Set your preferred humidity level, and the humidifier automatically regulates its output to maintain that level. This eliminates the need for constant manual adjustments.

  • Large Water Tank Capacity: Enjoy uninterrupted operation with a spacious water tank that minimizes frequent refills. This allows the humidifier to run for extended periods without needing attention.

  • Durable Construction: Built to last in demanding environments, this humidifier features high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance and reliable operation.

  • Easy Maintenance: The humidifier’s simple design allows for effortless cleaning and filter replacement, minimizing maintenance time and keeping the unit functioning optimally.

  • Reduced Noise Operation: This humidifier operates at a low noise level, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment even in noise-sensitive areas.


  • Workshops: Maintains ideal humidity levels for woodworking, preventing warping and cracking of materials.
  • Storage Facilities: Protects stored goods from moisture damage by preventing excessive dryness and cracking.
  • Greenhouses (Medium-Sized): Promotes healthy plant growth by creating a balanced humidity environment.
  • Other Applications: Suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces requiring moderate humidity control.

In essence, this 6KG/Per Hour Industrial Humidifier is a reliable and efficient solution for medium-sized areas. Its adjustable mist control, automatic operation, and durable build quality make it a valuable asset for various applications.